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About us

The success of Suxess Logistic company is based on its experience of more than 40 years. Know more about the building stones of our success.

Our philosophy

We are aiming at closeness to our customers and partners. As this is how we can find efficient and product-specific solutions to any duty.

Our service

We are at your disposal with all forwarding tasks. Everything from sending parcels via air transportation to mailing is perfectly tailored to your company’s requirements.


In July 2017 the location of the Austrian Suxess Logistic was relocated to the 22nd district of Vienna.

From 14th of May 2016 our companys name is changed instead of SUXESS LOGISTIC Transportvermittlung GmbH. in the future we are working as SUXESS LOGISTIC GmbH. The general contract conditions, transport conditions, contracts and agreements are unchanged and apply.

Our staff is at your disposal at the known contacts , phone numbers , e-mail addresses.

In case of supplies and services please account our new name in the documents. We look further to a successful and trustful cooperation.

By March 2015 already 48 of our clients are working with the Suxessbox, making their parcels daily with the Suxessbox.

The Suxessbox is a self-developed program, which works aligned with all of our partner’s own systems and still able to manage fast and easy-to-handle parcel creation.

In June 2014 the development of the new web-based shipping software application is finished, its called „Suxessbox”.

In May 2014 the 3rd pack&weg shop got opened in the 7th district of Wien.

In January 1st 2014 the pack&weg company become separate from the Suxess Logistic company and since then it operates as an individual company.

In 2012 Suxess Logistic company Wien opened its new shipping and packaging material warehouse in Wien at the 23rd district, which also stands as the 2nd Pack&Weg shop of the Suxess company

Suxess Logistic is growing and improving its services

Suxess Logistic GmbH in Vienna - in November 2012 opens its new warehouse for packaging and dispatches of parcels in south Vienna

Suxess Logistic GmbH WIEN Advantages:

  • Developing of selection with „pack&weg” branded packaging materials and tools
  • By the help of the new depot the complex solutions for packaging and dispatch are more faster manageable
  • The storage of our customer´s products is already possible, with rapid access in Vienna!
  • Geographically optimal position – near to the airport and on the daily route of the Suxess Logistic driver to Germany

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Suxess Logistic Kft. in Hungary - in October 2012 opens its second great station in Lukácsháza

Suxess Logistic Lukácsháza

  • Basic area: 4500 m2
  • Warehouse area: 2380 m2
  • Office area: 230 m2
  • Cold-storage room 1: 70 m2
  • Cold-storage room 2: 35 m2


  • It´s close to the Austrain border which allows the fast and broad distribution of parcels in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and in the Czech Republic
  • Has the opportunity of an additional cold storage (equipped with safety setups as well), which for temperatur-sensitive products especially important is
  • Further expansion of our services are to be expected in fulfilment´s field

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Pack&Weg – the local service from Suxess Logistic


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