Moritz L.
Founder Lifestylebox

“SUXESS LOGISTIC has been doing all of our logistics for over 2 years now. They are a flexible and, above all, very reliable partner who always goes 110% to meet all customer requirements. We look forward to many years of collaboration!”

Wilfried Z.

“TOP service, VERY friendly, GOOD prices, one service provider with many offers under one roof! With a direct contact person! Not one of the unpersonal providers of several services. Always reliable and on time for collection! Shipping is fun!”

Stefan K.
Operations Manager Reday2Order

“By working with SUXESS LOGISTIC we can take care of the scaling of our company, knowing that the logistics processes are working.”

Rainer J.
Owner Lasagroom Onlineshop

“With Suxess we have a strong partner at our side. The reliability, the customer service and the immediate handling of our concerns promote the growth of our company. Team Lasagroom thanks for this excellent cooperation.”

Moritz H.
Head of Supply Chain Playbrush

“With Suxess we have a logistics partner that we can rely on 100%. So we can fully focus on our core business.”

Manuel K.

“SUXESS LOGISTIC offers a resourceful team that can perfectly embrace new workflows. We have been able to develop a stable partnership together in a very competitive environment. As a service provider, we can focus on our main business and changes in processes. Also business expansions are worked out with appropriate workflows and implemented together. We very much appreciate the partnership and the entire SUXESS LOGISTIC team.”


One of our valuable partners gave us the following feedback on the COVID-19 Situation:

Cornelia R.

“Even in this difficult time, we could fully rely on our long-term partner SUXESS LOGISTIC. Meaning that even in this exceptional situation many happy couples were able to tie the knot for life with their dream ring in time.”


As a long-standing partner for large, medium-sized and small companies, we are pleased to now also count start-ups and micro-entrepreneurs among our customers. We support selected participants in the program 2 Minuten 2 Million in setting up their company through optimized, outsourced logistics.



Not only do we actively support our customers, we also support the Tusnad orphanage in Romania.

Throughout the year, we collect necessary everyday items for children aged 0-18 years and store all the donations thoughtfully in our warehouse.
Just before Christmas, our Suxess Logistics Transporter will make its way back to the Tusnad orphanage in Romania.
The joy that we give the children when we arrive with toothbrushes, bed linen, clothes and toys is indescribable and gives us strength for the whole year!


In December 2017 and 2019 we organized the benefit concert – “Savoy Ladies: Swinging Christmas”.
We were able to collect a total of € 2.200,00 for the Szent Laszlo Children’s Home in Tusnad, Romania. We were particularly happy to be able to hand over the donations personally, as some children with home directors came from Romania and sang for the audience together with an Austrian children’s choir.
Thank you also to the longstanding co-supporters Christine Haudek, Helga Pock, Gertraud, Pamela, Elfi, Mr. Fink and the Trautsamwieser family from KTV Krems.